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With today's and rising costs of post-secondary education, there is no room for taking longer or failing at obtaining the university degree at all. We help high school students select the best university based on their personal characteristics and preferences. While we use Artificial Intelligence models, the PhDs check every outcome manually, so we request up to five business days to arrive at a list of eight universities to apply to. Please get in touch with us before making any payments to ensure that we can help your situation. 

Our Mission

As university professors and academics with years of university teaching experience, we make the selection of meaningful post-secondary education easy. Our mission is to make sure the high school students are matched with the best for them universities.

1st step to your future

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As the first step of our process, we request that a high school student completes two surveys: one identifying the personality and personal strengths of the student and the second survey inquiring about the educational/financial/social preferences of the student. 

2nd step to your future


The surveys inform the Artificial Intelligence models to arrive at the list of the best suited for the student universities.
As the student's preferences, a part of our standard service, we consider up to twenty variables like SAT/ACT scores, tuition costs, scholarship amounts, distance from home, acceptance rate, graduation rate, campus size, student ethnicity and demographics, among other things. Foremost, we assure that all institutions are appropriately accredited in the US to recognize the obtained degree.

3rd step to your future

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As the last step and as a part of the standard offering, we check the outcomes from the Artificial Intelligence models with the data entered by the student to assure the student's characteristics and preferences match the returned by model eight university choices. (The returned results can be further expanded and analyzed for an extra fee and upon earlier agreement.) In most cases, the results list between five and eight universities while considering the assumptions about the student personality and preferences, along with the personality analyses, are sent to the student. The results also contain the links to the universities application sites to start the application process ASAP. Start applying!!!

About Us

Student Consulting

With many years of working directly with college students, we understand the college selection process and the enormous life-lasting impact a good education can make in a young person's life. Do not leave such a critical selection to chance. Instead, trust the experts, data and the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence!


                      Dr. Michael Frelas

Founder - Future College Success, Inc.

Despite many questions, the process was straightforward. We received a list of universities we probably could not find ourselves. The communication was prompt and clear.

Jessie Brown

Thank you for your service; you saved us time, money and sleepless nights!

Natalie Dobrzanski 

Very comprehensive results, thank you! The report listing the assumptions and the matched universities was easy to interpret. The personality test also helped us understand our son's potential career directions. Thank you!

Skyler Adelson


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Welcome! We provide all the tools, guidance, and support our clients need to succeed in academia. 
Please take a look around and explore the services we offer. Our services are customized to each student, including the manual result check, not a cookie-cutter fast and easy approach. We request five business days from the completion of both surveys to return the results. Please get in touch with us to ensure we can fully meet your expectations.

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