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Our standard service plan (reg. $599) includes identifying and selecting up to ten schools for each major area of study. (Please note that in a less popular major area of study, the number returned by the Artificial Intelligence algorithm institutions can be smaller than ten.) The standard service plan allows for the selection of two  major areas of study. The selected schools, per each major, will consist of:

  • Five schools that the student is a strong candidate for admission.

  • Three schools that the student should apply to, while they represent a 'bit of a stretch, the student might get admitted. 

  • Two 'dream schools', that is, the student's current record does not reflect the mainstream of the admitted students, yet there are substantial reasons the student could complete the degree at those institutions.


Additional services are available for an extra fee.

Our pricing plan.

  • Standard Service

    • Please send us email prior to making the payment.
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